A-1 Containers for recycling

Why store there, when you can store where you are?

You may not have room for it in your place - but that doesn't mean it has to be stored far away. an A-1 mobile storage container is a far better idea.

Mobile containers for recycling

Traditional storage rental is a real hassle

The problem with storage rental is that you have to load up your vehicle, transport everything to the storage location, then unload and arrange everything all over again.

And that can take who knows how many trips!

But there's a better way....

But A-1 makes storing things easy

Stop the packin', hackin' and unpackin'. Just give us a call at 402-344-4488 and arrange to have one of our mobile storage containers dropped off and left at your location, where you can fill it with whatever:

  • Office furniture and machines
  • Unused bedroom / livingroom furniture
  • Yard tools
  • Toys
  • Sports equipment

You get the idea. The point is - you and your stuff are no further away from one another than right out your door. When you're done, give us another call and we take the container away. rental periods can be short or long-term!


Mobile Storage
20' long x 8' wide x 8' tall
Rental Charge: $100.00 Per month

Special rates for long-term
Per move:
Drop Off: $35.75
Pickup: $35.75

For more information and to 
lease one of our mobile storage containers, please call


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